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Thread: Tinkoff walks out on Yandex

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    Tinkoff walks out on Yandex

    no deal, also nothing with MTS, so says Tinkoff...
    Yandex already ended a del with Sberbank,maybe Yandex should stay with Internet...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Benedikt View Post
    maybe Yandex should stay with Internet...
    Maybe Yandex should had stayed away from Oleg Tinkov in the first place, he is not known to be the most reliably person in this world, he have before made big decision based on a suddenly coming inspiration from out of space, not a man I would trust.
    I think Yandex will try banking again, I am afraid they have too much money and need to invest them different places to secure them, you never know what the future will bring.

    Interesting to see that right now many new versions of Amazon/Ozon is popping up all over, they sell everything you can imagine, I do not like it, I am afraid it will kill the small shops in the first place and then the bigger shops later on and at the end all these online multi stores will merge into one or two big company's just like it had happen to those that did sell IT gear.

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    Now the problem is that they began to track the withdrawals of money from electronic wallets. If earlier it was free, withdraw to any card, now everything is more complicated. As far as I know, money withdrawals are being verified. Other banks are also checked. All this is covered up with the fight against the financing of terrorism, but in reality everything is much more interesting. There is a high level of unemployment, many work without official employment, and the state needs to control their income.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benedikt View Post

    no deal, also nothing with MTS, so says Tinkoff...
    Yandex already ended a del with Sberbank,maybe Yandex should stay with Internet...
    Internet and banking are the same thing.

    Imagine a not so distant future where everyone receives credits, instead of a salary. And it's given out by the government. In fact, it's communism 2.0.

    How would I enforce the distribution of these credits? Thru the cards. And smart shopping carts to monitor your food intake and smart watches to monitor your overall health and smart phones to monitor your comings and goings and your contacts and smart toilets to monitor your food outtake. All can be done they internet and banking. Credits

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