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Thread: aht happens after the 3rd, the 9th and 40th day after death? orthodox beliefs

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    aht happens after the 3rd, the 9th and 40th day after death? orthodox beliefs

    it is Russian langauge, google Chrome though will translate.
    Hell? -our Man in Rome - said not to worry, there is no hell.Should i believe him?
    Purgatory ( Fegefeuer) that is where we, catholic, sinners are supposed to be until resurrection day? at least that what is that the village priest told us...

    i am not trying to make fun or anything else. it is just that this article caught my eye.
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    This is not what the Church actually teaches. It expresses things that are based on pious opinion and expressed in a superstitious, excessively gnostic manner. The actual teaching of the Church as expressed by the consensus of the saints is a lot more agnostic on what happens and "where" in a spiritual, non-material "space", one's soul may be. The main basis for the number of days is based on the pious belief (not doctrine) based on a report of a saint about a vision of the afterlife called "mytarstva" (in English usually called "Toll Houses" and triggering jokes about cookies among us). That belief and vision express the highly probable outcome of having to face the consequences and meanings of our bad and evil deeds before the Last Judgement. (Yulia Voznesenskaya wrote an interesting book called "Moi posmertnye priklucheniya" - "My Posthumous Adventures").

    A lot of people go around passing off as teaching of the ancient Church what is really superstitious mumbo-jumbo which atheists understandably laugh at. (This goes for Catholics too, Ben). While this is not such mumbo-jumbo, it is certainly a distortion full of imagination of what people WANT to believe, for example, "knowing that all souls definitely spend some time in heaven and do fine there", again, mistakenly imagining heaven as a physical location.

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