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Thread: Remember to wear a mask, also while having sex.

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    Remember to wear a mask, also while having sex.

    Yes, it had to come, we were just waiting:

    Wounder where the list of "Must use you mask places and situations" will end. But it is ok, somebody care for us and just want to help, and now we can even get mask with funny pictures on, or we can be creative our self.

    In the train the other day I did see a ticket controller with a strange mask that make her look like a parrot, she properly think she was looking cute, but in reality she looked rater stupid, but what do I know about fashion?

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    can't find the link or pic, but somewhere in Germany an ORCHESTRA is making music, dont know if it is a concert or if they are rehearsing, i did not read, wearing face masks. obvious this is BS. The people who were playing flute,trumpets and the likes,had their mask down the chin.only the rest over their mouth. a weird world with laws that dont make always sense. found a pic and article though from the CAIRO orchestra only..
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