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Thread: Most Corrupt Election in US History

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    Most Corrupt Election in US History

    The Left has spent almost 4 years trying to overthrow Trump, now they are "lawyering up" and gearing up for the upcoming "election." Bloomberg is spending $40,000,000 so felons can vote in Florida. (Criminals vote 90% Democratic).

    How the Left will try to steal the 2020 election:

    Here's one way: send two ballots to Democrat voters, so the Democrat can vote twice.

    Just a "coincidence" that such "errors" happen in the most-heavily Democrat county in the entire state. Fairfax County, where the average household income is $125,000, is home to about 50% half of the Washington DC swamp, and vote heavily Leftist.

    If the Left can't steal the election, they will go for a "Maidan" or "color revolution".

    Ukraine's president is clearly afraid of this possibility, he has closed down the investigation of Biden's son and the Burisa corruption scandal.
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    what did Stalin say, it doesn't matter who votes, but who counts the votes... looks like still holds good to a big part?
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