in my opinion, when the words -fiber- and -bone tissue - appears in the description of an -meat- product, the cheapest cuts are being used. or MOM ( the russian language equivalent for mechanically separated meat, more popular known as -pink slime -...).

for me still goes-
second ingredient on the list is water = i dont buy
filling contains anything else but pork or beef = i dont buy (except obvious when it says Chicken sausage)
cellophane casings on hotdogs, knackwurst or franks = i dont buy
and anything under 500 rubles a kilo = very suspicious,check the lable very carefull and the expire or use by date.a product has 4 or 5 or even more of these - E- numbers, without the full wording of what it is, i give it a miss.starch and soz i na sausage = i dont buy.

you think there is nothing left over in the sausage shelves? still plenty of good stuff.