the article, which i first posted to FB and then copied FB to here,( one needs to be political correct these days and avoid copyright issues...) explains also in a language that can be read and understood, what it is, where it is used and why it can do so much harm.

On TV news i heard in the morning that the Lebanese - Secret Service - began to investigate that 5 month ago. wonder what they did for 5 month? wonder what they did for 5 month? looking for the owners of the sacks? where it came from? where it was to go to? dont think though a really responsible and guilty person will be found... remember the old Russian proverb? - the line goer is always guilty -. (стрелочник всегда виноват) . meaning a little, innocent, low paid, half -wit - will have to pay the bill... 75 dead and over 4000 injured.
and while Trump and hisGenerals still think what it could have been and what it had caused to blow up accident or -terakt-,VV is sending already a field hospital to Beirut. One can assume Russia's Emergency Services ,МЧС, are always ready for such or similar disasters?

and the latest from Sputnik news...
Repair work might have been the cause of the blast.