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I think we can all agree that something is happening there, as to what, well that's another question.
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i dont think VV will see any reason to interfere in Belarus. He just can wait it out and sit back. because he knows that the little landlocked country is depending on Russia for survival. who else will take all the shrimps and oysters and other things that come from Belarus? It does not matter much if there will be changes or who is in power. they still will needRussia.so no need to fight about things. where both know, it's much easier to live in peace together...
It is a strange situations and it does reek of a us style regime change, but what's the idea, to take another piece off the chess board? To pull another country one way or the other? Or legitimate and organic concerns from the people?

Other than getting rid of lukashenko, what do the protesters demand?