Please contact me at for verbal interpretation/written translation projects in such areas as oil and gas, geology, mining, economy and medicine.

My experience: 9 years
Freelance simultaneous and consecutive interpreter at conferences and business meetings in Moscow, 2011-2020, including work for Russian major oil company Rosneft (2012-2013), Russian Anti-Doping Agency (2017-present), interpreting at government meetings, BRICS summit in South Africa, World Gas Forum in Malaysia, Russian Accounting Chamber meeting in Poland.
Interpreter at mining, oil-refining and construction facilities: Worked at gold mines in Yakutia region of Russia in 2011 and 2012, at oil refinery in Moscow in 2014-2019, at asphalt-making plants in Moscow in 2012 and 2013.
8 years of translation experience, in-depth knowledge of vocabulary of oil and gas, mining, geology.

2011, 2013 Interpreting for the engineering project at the gold deposit in Yakutia region of Russia (Nordgold company)
2012, 2013 Interpreting at asphalt-making plants of Almix company in Moscow and Yaroslavl regions
2014-2017 Interpreting for the construction project of Gazpromneft-Total joint venture at Moscow Oil Refinery
2019 Interpreting for the overhaul project of Petrochemistry company at Moscow oil refinery
2011-present Interpreting at conferences, seminars and business meetings in Moscow (related to the issues of engineering, business, science)
2008-present Written translation of documents for Moscow-based companies and translation agencies


2012 Training course of simultaneous interpretation in oil and gas industry, Moscow
2011 Training course of simultaneous interpretation, Moscow
2007 2009 West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV, MA in Teaching English as a Second Language
1997 1999 Irkutsk Linguistics University, Irkutsk, Russia. Diploma: Major in Linguistics and English translation. Honors Diploma.