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Thread: The Hospice in KURKINO needs help

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    The Hospice in KURKINO needs help

    i have translated it from the russian langauge of the local newspaper to make it easier and faster. the original article in russian langauge...

    Hospice “Kurkino” needs products for “carts of joy”
    NW has repeatedly written about the Kurkino hospice, where terminally ill people are helped to live comfortably the last days. Together with hospice staff and patients' relatives, volunteers of the Vera charity fund support.

    According to the Foundation’s press center, the hospice’s wards now need products for “carts of joy” and tea corners.

    “The carts of joy” were invented by the volunteers of our foundation. On a small trolley various nice little things are added. These can be treats that are not part of the normal hospice diet. A nice little thing can be a hand cream, lip balm, a scan word magazine. Such small gifts cheer up, help to feel attention and care, ”the press center said.

    For “carts of joy” and tea parties, any sweets in individual packages are suitable, milk with a long shelf life, coffee in beans, instant and “2 in 1”, refined sugar, drinking water in bottles of 0.3-0.4 l with sports lid, ice cream, herring in oil or in a spicy marinade, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard in plastic bags, cocoa.

    Disposable dishes, large diameter drinking tubes with a bending link, wet and paper towels, razors with two or three blades and a moisturising strip, toothbrushes with medium hard brushes will not be superfluous.

    A complete list of hospice needs is published on the Vera Foundation website in the Current Needs section. At any convenient service, you can purchase goods and arrange their delivery to the hospice address: Kurkinskoye sh., 33. Before ordering, you must contact the hospice coordinator Mirra Tristan by tel. 8-903-259-9991 to clarify details, as well as select the date and time of delivery. Attention! The coordinator will begin work on July 1.
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