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please note, try not to get rid of your junk, socks with holes and t shirts that can be used only as for the rest, just read up the article please. school for sure will commence in fall. so i am sure school clothing will be VERY welcome.

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Not every couple dares to become parents with many children. To support large families, the goal is the public organisation “Society of Large Families of Moscow”. The curator of the regional branch of the organisation in Khoroshevo-Mnevniki, Irina Ryazantseva, stood at the origins of its creation six years ago.
“Our organisation is the largest in Moscow: there are 230 large families in our area who have come together to help each other,” she says. - Recently, thanks to the help of sponsors, they presented a crib and a stroller to a newborn Anechka from General Karbyshev Street: she became the seventh child in the family! And the four-year-old Andryusha received a bibikar, which he had long dreamed of as a gift.
And recently, philanthropists shared potatoes with mothers of large families. Together with volunteers, bags were also delivered by Irina Ryazantseva.
- It was not easy, because many families went to their summer cottages for the period of self-isolation. A family of 12 children, a bag of potatoes, my adult son and I drove outside the Moscow Ring Road, and then we carried almost a kilometer in our arms. But how warmly the family greeted us! She recalls.
According to Irina, help with many children is always required and any.
- If it is clothes, then from zero size to an adult. Always need diapers, toys. Not only cereals, baby food, but also meat, perishable products disperse among needy families instantly. The help of drivers is very much in demand to transport things or to get to the doctor, ”she says.

You can bring things to the address: ave. Marshal Zhukov, 31, having previously phoned Irina Ryazantseva by tel. 8-985-905-8722