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Thread: Social Distancing

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    Social Distancing

    I am curious how Russians react to "social distancing".

    In Russia, people form a line and stand close to one another, lest someone try to "insert themselves".

    When I fly back to the US, the lines are more spread out, so much so, that, having just come back from Russia, I find myself asking, honestly, "Are you in line?" I can't tell if he/she is just standing there, or are standing in line, since they are 2 meters away from the next person.

    That was before the Chinese Coronavirus. Now it is everywhere, taped "x" on the floor indicating where you stand, 2 meters from the next "x".Walmart even has arrows on the floor, marking "One-Way" aisles.

    In Russia, what do they think of "social distancing"? (no four-letter words, please)
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    Have we reached the ultimate stage of absurdity where some people are held responsible for things that happened before they were born, while other people are not held responsible for what they themselves are doing today?

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    depends where you are and what you are doing. at the Metro or bus during rush hour ( now that certain BIG - enterprises - are open for work) it is PUSH as usual... at AUCHAN; our usual hyper, they have indeed also x'es and - boxes - on the floor, and from the looks of it, people stick to the rules. most everyone even with a face mask and gloves on. that includes me as well...same also at BILLA, the second supermarket we use, there we can walk to. without needing CQ CODE... I WILL NOW GOING OUT AND WALK THE DOG. IT IS LIGHT ALREADY SINCE 30 MINUTES. I TAKE MY MASK WITH ME, BUT DON'T PUT IT ON. I TAKE ALSO THIN COTTON GLOVES. THAT I KEEP ON. BUT WALKING THE DOG TO GET A BETTER GRIP ON THE LEASH HOLDER I ALWAYS WEAR THIN GLOVES. DO WE - DOGWALKERS - KEEP SOCIAL DISTANCE - YES WE DO. WITH OR WITHOUT MASK... THOUGH THE DOGS DO THEIR OWN THING.. (sorry forgot to to change -caps lock- i did not -shout-, but leave the big letters...)
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