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Thread: Possible Origin of Covid-19 ?

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    Possible Origin of Covid-19 ?

    James Rollins (fiction writer) was on Glenn Beck show this morning and talking about the book he is working on (not the one that is a best-seller on Amazon). Anyway, he is doing a lot of background research for his next book and was communicating with some biologists and researchers in Wuhan. One scientist told him her theory about the origin of the corononavirus outbreak.

    Something like this: In Wuhan, they are using a lot of bats, in research. She says that some of the bats, after being in experiments, instead of being disposed of properly (security procedures are somewhat lax) were taken by (underpaid) lab assistants to the local market and sold there, to make some extra money. The bats were already infected, although the lab assistant or janitor may not have known this. Such a scenario would make the Chinese story that the disease originated in the market, not the lab, and the American version, that the disease originated in the lab, both correct.
    Have we reached the ultimate stage of absurdity where some people are held responsible for things that happened before they were born, while other people are not held responsible for what they themselves are doing today?

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    Something like this: In Wuhan, they are using a lot of bats, in research.
    question though stays, did they us bats that were -healthy- and infect them with the bug? so where did the bug come from? from the lab? or did they use already infected animals, bought from whoever, alive, like they buy also monkeys and rabbits ore guinea pigs. not necessarily with this last sentence meaning the Chinese alone...
    because there is another story,if i keep all the links to what i read, 10 pages will not be enough. there are farmers, in the -other end - of the province, collecting bat manure for fertilizer. or catching the bats for food. and in doing that also exposed to blood, feces,urine and what have you. and they are doing it not since a week or month or year. but since many years. and no one is sick from the Virus there...

    what would be interesting though. more or less every country has bats. every zoo park also has them. and special in the zoos the keepers would be exposed to this animals? anyone bothered to find out if the bats there have the -bug-? many a zoo also has these pangolines, another apparently carrier of the virus. are these animals healthy or do they also carry the bug? and if yes, what will be done with them?
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