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Thread: anyone experienced any problems with YUHUU or FB during the day or last night?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Wally View Post
    Free Speech is not a law but a God given right we are all born with. I don't need someone telling me what I can or can't read, watch, write or say. It's like way back when we found out the government watches, reads, listen to, everything we do they said "but if you are not doing anything wrong why worry? Because it's not you that decides what is right or wrong, they can think that you wanting to vote one way, and or change a law, or believe in something. My point is being proven, you are not allowed to say anything Facebook does not agree with. Since Facebook has crushed every other platform with the power they have gained. We are in big trouble when they are the last one standing. This Covid 19 crap is killing small business and we be left with only big business that can crush smaller start-ups.
    I pretty much said this to Hans already, but you're presupposing normal and decent behavior. You yourself said, "...if you are not doing anything wrong"." That's my whole point. "Freedom of speech" is only good as long as it is not turned to evil. You have to be able to say what is right, what is wrong, what is good, and what is evil, and on what basis, AND be largely right, to be able to have a sustainable society. The alternative is anarchy, which destroys any society, most often followed by tyranny to bring order. It's much better to censor evil speech while you still have any freedom at all. In morality, like in art, you have to draw the line somewhere. And beyond that line you have to have censorship. In the West, we DID have censorship of fascist propaganda until a few decades ago, we DO censor people from using "the 'N' word" in regard to black people, and we are totally right to censor child porn (and wrong to allow adult porn as "freedom of speech"), an example of turning it to evil.
    When evil censors, it censors to hide the truth. Thus the Left does everything it can to censor visual images of abortions in public, because they know the pictures will have the same effect as those of the German prison camps, and what few images we have of the horrific things done to slaves did. It is much harder to get our own eyes to lie to us. When good censors, it prevents evil ideas, images, and thoughts that will break down and ultimately destroy the society from spreading.

    Censorship is unavoidable. If your rulers believe in the Good in truth (and not falsely telling themselves that evil is good), they will censor evil to protect us from self-destruction. If they are deceived into believing evil is good, then they will try to hide the truth. But no matter what, you are going to see some things censored. Either the truth, or evil, destructive ideas. Take your pick.

    The whole question, and what we even disagree about is, what is good, and what is evil?

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