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Thread: Fast Food

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    Fast Food

    I'm not finding it difficult to avoid restaurants. However, last Sunday my wife and I decided to have a burger at McDonalds. As we were waiting for our food at the take-out window, we could see seven of the McDonald's staff inside. All of them were wearing masks and gloves. However, the masks did not cover their noses and were pulled slightly to one side, making it easier to breathe. The woman who made my wife's tea wore no mask at all. I was told by a staff member it was hot in McDonalds and difficult to breathe with a covered up nose. Furthermore, I was told the staff at McDonald's are all healthy and lots of people eat there, all the time. Problem solved!

    We didn't eat the food and instead threw it away. My wife and I didn't want to spend two or three weeks wondering if it was safe. Afterwards we got a nice fillet of cod and enjoyed it tremendously with a bottle of white wine.

    We have a renter who works for McDonalds, as a manager of some kind. When we told him about our experience at his restaurant, he said the store had passed an inspection two weeks earlier. Whatever happened since then didn't seem to concern him.

    Afterwards, I found the GM of McDonalds on Linkedin and sent him a note about the situation. He promised to crack down. Let's see. I eat at McDonalds about once a year. However, their coffee is decent and in the past, I would sometimes buy it. My bet is that nothing will change. In my view, McDonald's is a reasonably well run organization, comparatively speaking. If they can't get it right, one can only wonder what other food service operations are doing. It put me off take out and home delivery of cooked food for good. Not that it matters. My own cooking is better than anything I could order on line or buy at a fast food outlet and my wife makes a mean pot of soup.

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    if the mask, or not wearing one, is your only - problem -. lucky you...
    There is no greater treasure then pleasure....

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    xt-tsi, I understand your concern, given what's being reported.

    I wore a mask for 12 hours straight yesterday. It's really irritating after a while. It irritates the ears too, especially if you wear glasses, too. And I had a hand-made, velvety one, that was a lot better than the starchy cotton ones, that are given away free at many places.

    But I don't think you need to worry about Covid being spread by food, or touch. Rather it is spread the same way traditional flu is spread, by person-to-person contact, mainly by air or someone sneezing or coughing, which can carry 3-4 meters. That's just my opinion.

    That said, there is misinformation being promulgated by the media, which seeks to keep everyone in a "State of Fear." There is the official line of the CDC and WHO, sanctioned by the media. Alternative views about Coronavirus itself, or alternative therapies, are walled off - ignored or censored by the media and the social media giants (Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

    A media which had continually lied to the public for many years, why would they not lie about Covid-19?

    If you want to follow the money, consider Big Pharma stands to make $Billions from a vaccine or medicine to treat the disease. Profit-driven big drug companies would naturally promote their own in-house produced drugs by conducting/funding research which "proves" their drug is the most effective treatment, and working through medical bureaucrats in the government, would seek to defund research which might prove the effectiveness of cheaper therapies, or which might show the ineffectiveness of producing any drug whatsoever.

    Instead of an honest, open and public discussion about the disease and its treatment, we are being fed the official line of the CDC and WHO, presented by self-appointed medical "experts" working through the media, and any alternatives concerning the disease or its treatment, are labeled as "dangerous," ignored or censored. This keeps everyone in a "State of Fear."

    Sorry, but "science" itself has been corrupted.
    Have we reached the ultimate stage of absurdity where some people are held responsible for things that happened before they were born, while other people are not held responsible for what they themselves are doing today?

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