excellent German language from the ORF.
If one likes all these cameras and systems is one thing.
But one thing is for sure, would there be less or would security taken less serious, that one good professor who is so worried about privacy, will be the first one to squeal.
apparently one of these programs was used already in SOCHI. Interesting commentary about it..
Lets just hope the games will be safe.that there will be NO second Munich. And that the -moonies- will be kept far away from the games. or even better, not even be given a chance in the first place...
Interesting how the authorities also will deal, lets hoe it will not happen, with an earthquake. Interesting though, as the narrator commentated, the Japanese most probably will stay -cool,calm and collected -.While the - foreigners and visitors - will run around wildly...
- In Japan first comes the -community- and only than the individual? Suppose nothing more embarrassing then loosing face?