The Democrats will not allow the economic relief bill to pass in Congress, insisting $4 trillion of new spending be included, amid 1300 pages of new regulations and the creation of several new federal bureaucracies.

"Chuck U" Schumer appeared willing to pass a bipartisan bill, then abruptly changed his mind, after Nancy Pelosi presented her version:

Among Nancy Pelosi's demands:

Taxpayer-funded abortions. (Forcing those opposed to abortions on religious grounds, to pay for abortions)
Same-day Voter registration (opens the door to massive voter fraud)
Diversity in Corporate Management (imposing race and sex quotas on corporation boards)
Early Voting (forcing all states to allow voting months in advance, also opens the door to fraud)
Airlines to be "Carbon-Neutral" in 5 years (forcing airliner companies to use alternatives to jet fuel, or face fines)
Forgive $10,000 in Student Loan debt (if you got a loan to pay for your tuition, you don't have to pay it back to the bank. (Aimed at getting more votes from students)).
Huge increases in funding for Food Stamps, Paid Sick Leave and Unemployment benefits.
$215,000,000,000 in grants for state and local governments. $60,000,000,000 billion in grants to schools and universities.
A temporary "employment" program that would pay $600 per week to any worker affected by the ongoing sinking economy.
$500,000,000,000 in grants and interest-free loans for small businesses.

None of this will help fight the economic damage from the Corona-virus, but Democrats are so deranged, they will allow the economy to crash, in order to elect a Progressive president.

The plan appears to be: trash the US economy by refusing to pass any economic relief bill, and then blame Trump for the onrushing recession. Prolong any relief until after the election.

The problem with the Democratic "solution" is similar to what Lao Tsu said: "If you give a hungry man a fish, you feed him for a day, but if you teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime."

In this case, Trump's plan would give business the money to keep their businesses going (from which they can pay the salaries of employees). The Democrats want to stiff the businesses, and only give money to the idled employees - that will last as long as the money, and the business itself will fail. The employees will have no jobs. The economy will sink like a lead fish.