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Thread: Mandatory Self-Isolation for Certain Moscow Residents - starting on 26 March 2020

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    Mandatory Self-Isolation for Certain Moscow Residents - starting on 26 March 2020

    Link to details about Moscow Mayor's Decree of 23 March 2020:

    Quickie translation to English:

    March 23, 2020
    New measures: Operations headquarters provides clarification

    Moscow has introduced additional measures to combat coronavirus

    The Coronavirus Control Headquarters in Moscow explains the additional measures introduced in the capital by the Mayoral Decree of March 23:

    1. Who must be in self-isolation mode?

    • From March 26 to April 14, 2020, compulsory home quarantine is being introduced in Moscow for residents over 65 years of age, as well as for Moscow residents with certain chronic illnesses.
    • Residents who have recently returned from the following countries should continue their required self-isolation: the United States, Great Britain, the European Union, Ukraine, Belarus and all European countries outside the EU.
    • Home quarantine also applies to people who reside with people who have arrived from these countries.

    2. Who is on the list of people with chronic illnesses?
    According to the Decree of the Mayor, compliance with the regime of self-isolation is required for people with the following illnesses:

    • Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
    • Chronic lung disease (asthma)
    • Bronchiectasis
    • Pulmonary heart and pulmonary circulation disorder
    • The presence of transplanted organs and tissues
    • Chronic kidney disease
    • Malignant neoplasms
    • Heart attack and stroke

    The self-isolation regimen does not apply to patients assigned to the third clinical group (oncology).
    3. Who is not subject to self-isolation?
    Self-isolation mode does not apply to:

    • patients assigned to the third clinical group (oncology);
    • managers and employees of organizations and authorities whose presence in the workplace is critical to the functioning of the institution;
    • health-system staff;
    • other citizens exempted by decisions of the Operational Headquarters for the control and monitoring of the coronavirus situation in Moscow .

    4. What is the self-isolation mode?
    The self-isolation mode requires people to remain inside their apartments for 14 days (the incubation period of a new coronavirus infection). It is possible to leave the apartment only in case of emergency, at a less-crowded time, and in a mask. In order to help people in self-isolation according to the Decree of the Mayor of Moscow of March 23, measures of social support will be provided. You can learn about them by calling this hotline: 8 (495) 870 4509.
    5. Will residents who must be in self-isolation be provided with sick leave?
    All citizens who, according to the Decree of the Mayor of Moscow, must observe the regime of self-isolation, if necessary, can apply for sick leave to be provided at the place of work or study. To do this, call 8-495-870-45-09 or indicate the need to obtain a sick leave document when filling out the questionnaire on the Moscow city site A courier will deliver the sick-leave document to your home. We also inform you that employers are obliged to transfer employees (with their consent) to the remote mode of work or to provide them with annual paid leave.

    6. Who is entitled to payments in connection with the new Decree of the Mayor?
    One-time targeted social assistance will be provided to residents over 65 years of age and persons with chronic diseases: in the amount of 2 thousand rubles after the start of the self-isolation regime; and in the amount of 2 thousand rubles upon completion of the isolation regime, provided that there have been no systematic violations of the regime.
    7. How will this payment be credited?
    For residents over 65 years old, it will be credited to the account to which monthly pension and other social benefits are transferred. The payment is due to both working and non-working pensioners aged 65 years and older. Application for receiving the payments is not required; it will be issued by the social protection authorities in an unsolicited manner. Recipients of payments through post offices will also receive payments without a request and will be delivered to their homes.
    For people with certain chronic illnesses (according to the Decree of the Mayor), regardless of age, and who are on self-isolation, the payment will be made individually after contacting the hotline by phone (8 495 870 45 09), after confirmation of the information about the illness and receiving information about the citizenís account in a financial institution. In-person application is not required, just a call. An employee of the district department of social protection at the place of residence will contact the citizen.
    8. How can older people or chronically-ill patients get necessary medicines?
    Residents will be provided with home delivery of medicines (which are prescribed by prescription for free or at discounted prices) and medical products (prescribed by prescription for free).
    9. Who will help self-isolating residents with domestic problems?
    If it is necessary to have delivery of food or medicine, or if there are other domestic problems, elderly and chronically-ill Moscow residents can call 8-495-870-45-09. Social workers and volunteers will come to their aid. Calling the same phone number, you can order home delivery of free and preferential medicines and medical products.
    10. How can citizens in self-isolation regime pay for housing and communal services?
    The collection of penalties and fines for late payment of housing and communal services is temporarily canceled. It is not necessary to leave your apartment and violate the self-isolation regime in order to pay for those services. The presence of debt will not affect the provision of subsidies to pay for utilities.
    11. For whom is preferential travel on public transport suspended?
    During the closure of educational institutions, reduced fares on public transport for schoolchildren starting in grade 5 and for college students is canceled. Students are encouraged to stay at home, and to avoid visiting crowded places.
    12. How to get student meals during quarantine?
    Due to the temporary closure of educational institutions, students from families belonging to preferential categories and eligible for free meals will be able to receive food packages in schools. For more information, you can contact your class teacher.

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