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Thread: Where do I get my $1000 check?

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    Just today got a $2,400 direct deposit in my account from the virus benefit/relief, or whatever its called, USA deal. So, expats are included. Now I can afford some of those 500 ruble a kilo lemons (but won't, the Mrs. told them "eat them yourself") at the not closed down bazaar (none to be had in the grocery stores).
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    Quote Originally Posted by bydand View Post
    Just today got a $2,400 direct deposit in my account from the virus benefit/relief, or whatever its called, USA deal. So, expats are included. Now I can afford some of those 500 ruble a kilo lemons (but won't, the Mrs. told them "eat them yourself") at the not closed down bazaar (none to be had in the grocery stores).
    Great news, now we know who's buying the beer.
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    Got my EIDL loan yesterday, and the SBA deposited the funds in my bank account. Yay!

    Then today the bank called, a bank employee left a message, said she wanted to "discuss" this payment to my bank account.

    I should have ignored it, but I called back.

    The woman wanted more information about the large deposit ("large" meaning unusual for this pint-size account ). She didn't seem to know the difference between the PPP loans and the EIDL loans, and which ones can be construed as "grants" (no repayment necessary) and which ones are true loans. To meet the requirements to forgive the loan, the money must be spent only on certain items. She did say they were getting quite a few of these SBA loan deposuits in cusotmer's accounts, so she had to be somewhat familiar with them, but she seemed to be questioning the legitimacy of my deposit.

    She started asking me question about what I would be spending the loan on. I explained maybe pay off warehouse rent, buy some new computer peripherals, etc.

    This was getting disturbing,. What concern is it of a bank official, a bank bureaucrat ("bank-o-crat"?) to ask questions about the operation of my business? Does your bank call you and ask how much money you spend on beer, how much on electricity, are you going to buy a bicycle or car?

    Given the invasion of our personal lives by medical bureaucrats (medi-crats) mandating how we may permissibly dress and behave, and how business-people may run their businesses, how churches may organize, I suppose the bank wants to get into act, too, regulating our financial behavior: "Sir, our credit-card bank records indicate that your allowable monthly allotment of beer has been exceeded, so we are disallowing further purchases until next month."

    Anyway, I answered all her questions and she seemed happy.

    But, right after I talked to her, I noticed that the SBA funds had been put into "pending" category, no longer available to me.

    I think I talked to her six more times this day. She kept referring to some mysterious "compliance department" that was, what? Investigating the legitimacy of the deposit? Since she had already told me the bank had received many such coronavirus-related deposits, what was the real problem? Perhaps she was in a personal snit because I had called earlier that day about another problem at the bank, where she told me that none (zero) of the transactions on my debit card could be disputed. (I have the same sort of debit card at another bank, and that bank allows to file disputes). I must admit I did kind of get out of control about her statement that I (or any other customer) was not allowed to contest wrongful charges on my debit card, and the absurdity of her bank having a Bank "Dispute Department" if customers are not allowed to file disputes!

    Right before closing I called again, Her secretary told me that closing time was at 5 PM, but the person who wanted more information about my deposit would be working until 6. I asked the secretary for the phone numbers of the bank's owner and the woman's supervisor. She gave me both. Then I asked to be connected to the woman again. She said my deposit was still "pending". What outraged me was the bank (or she herself?) had also reversed a completed transaction, from 5 weeks ago, of a similar PPP payment, to a "pending" status (that means you don't have access to these funds, which means that checks you may have already written may bounce, which can cause you all sorts of financial or even legal problems). She said it was in their "compliance department" about which, of course, she can not provide any contact information.

    So, then at 5:30, after everyone else has gone home, and she is the only one working at the bank, the status on the funds suddenly changed from "pending" to "funds available." Hmmm. I think there is no such thing as this bank "compliance department". She is acting on her own? Maybe she got wind, from her secretary, of my asking for the phone numbers of the bank owner and her supervisor, so she figured she better back off.

    Believe it or not, this is the best bank around here, IMHO. The others are even worse.

    People don't let yourself get pushed around by these bankocrats or other organization bureaucrats (Organ-o-crats? ). Go up the "chain of command" if necessary. I am more effective with written method, like email, than calling. But contact her supervisor or the owner, or indicate the possibility of filing complaint with local, state, federal consumer or regulatory agency. Additionally, there are elected officials you can write to - senators, representatives, governors. Also tell them you will file bad reviews about their bank on social media and Google reviews, etc. Most organizations will seek to avoid the bad publicity or someone in the chain of command will help, and work with you, if you have been wronged.
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