Please, Help and Advise I need.
Entering Russia has been restricted due to the Corona virus disease (COVID-19) outbreak.
I am planing to go back to Russia, to rejoin my wife, i have 3 years Temporary Resistance Permit and 3 years Visa.
my planed entry to Russia in my car at the border Latvia-Russia,
App Burachki - АПП Бурачки.

The Russian Embassy in London told me that only Diplomat, or Russian citizens or Permanent Residence Permit holders
are allowed to enter Russia.
but they do not know about the Temporary Residence Permit holders Status. also told me this restriction is valid to the 1st May 2020.
this means to me that i must wait till 1st of May, "this may get extended, I do not know".

I am in France, and is a long way to drive to Latvia/Russian Border to be told to get back !!!!!!

Please, is any one can give me info that I can relay on, or comments or pointers, i will be thankful.

Thank you All....