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Thread: next year Moscow Metro will get female drivers again...

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    next year Moscow Metro will get female drivers again...

    ( there is a link also for that Metro drivers article. in today's, Tuesday issue. clicked on a second time,cant find it anymore....)
    let them also haul the garbage bins, drive the big trucks, work in the mines. no women drivers on buses yet... ( funny though, in all the countries that scream about woman's right and equality, all these jobs are done by men only...).
    and on a little personal side, in all my 50 years as Chef i have worked only with one or two FEMALE Executive Chefs. still a male domain?
    There is no greater treasure then pleasure....

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    “...the “gender paradox.” Here is the paradox in a nutshell: as societies become more gender-equal in their social and political policies, men and women become more different in certain aspects, rather than more similar.”

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