If a national nightmare became true and he was elected in 2020, Bernie Sanders would be America's first Jewish president.

Sanders' platform, as far as I can tell, consists of calling his opponents "racists" - "Donald Trump is a racist, Donald Trump is a sexist, Donald Trump is a homophobe, Donald Trump is an Islamophobe, Donald Trump is a bigot."

Sanders describes himself as a Democratic Socialist, however others call him a communist. This is an insult to socialists and communists. What other legitimate socialist or communist, runs around yelling that their opponents are racists? True the Western media accuses anyone opposed to the Progressive agenda "racists", but did Lenin, Marx, Stalin write about or make speeches calling the Czars or Capitalists "racists"?

"If you don;t vote for me, you're a racist" (notice the word "racist" is undefined).

Barack Obama ran on the implication, "Vote for me, or you're a racist", and it worked.

Hillary Clinton ran on the platform, "Vote for me, or you're a sexist" but that didn't work very well.

And will Sanders campaign slogan, "People who vote for my opponent are racists" work for a Jewish white man?

He wants to take everyone's money, and spend it to "help people" and Bernie knows best how to spend your money.

Crazy Bernie