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Thread: - The History of Russia- well worth seeing and listening to

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    - The History of Russia- well worth seeing and listening to

    this is no propaganda film. neither -positive - nor - negative -. Excellent narrator. Graphics that are clear and can be read also by people with not to good eyesight anymore (like me...). And brings in a fairly short time the history of Russia as it was. Should be definitely interesting to all - foreigners -. But also to people who went to - Soviet - schooling. Where many an event was either not told or turned around in a way to suite the -authorities.

    I also added a comment, which i know why a certain event happened and the final result happens only now, across from the Moskva river where we live.( On the old Tushino airfield. Where by the way also Yuri Gagarin took off from on his final, fatal, flight...)
    There is no greater treasure then pleasure....

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