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Thread: do your kids like sit next to you with the feet up on the dashboard?

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    do your kids like sit next to you with the feet up on the dashboard?

    one can assume as a good and safety concieincous driver you will tell them to take the feet off, put on the safety belt. and sit straight.. if not, show them the x ray. and think yourself as well a little bit about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Benedikt View Post
    one can assume as a good and safety concieincous driver you will tell them to take the feet off, put on the safety belt. and sit straight.. if not, show them the x ray. and think yourself as well a little bit about it.
    Very good advice.

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    I am taking my friend to the VA hospital (hospital for Army Veterans) sometimes 2-3 times a week, and he is putting his feet up on the dashboard. He is wearing boots. The hospital is about 60 miles away. My friend goes to see the psychologist. I think it is a waste of time to see a shrink 2-3 times a week. He is getting some pills, too, some attitude-modification pills, I think that's really helpful. (NOT).

    It is irritating to me, can't he just sit in the seat like everyone else? He is 65 years old, I think. It is distracting because I see his dirty boots there on the dashboard, and I should be concentrating on the road in front of me, not his boots. Besides, isn't it impolite?

    Besides it is 60-90 minute ride, and it is difficult to have conversation because he always disagrees with what ever I say. If I say I like tomatoes, he will criticize tomatoes, if I say I don't like tomatoes, then he will say "tomatoes are good." His favorite expression is "Six of one, half-dozen of the other." So you say (Six) he will say (No, it's half a dozen). Also I can't listen to conservative talk show on the radio, because he keeps interrupting, he wants to talk about something else, so I turn the radio off in order to listen to him, to not be impolite. Also, if I am alone, I would listen to talk show, or, 50/50 listen to music. I would turn the volume way up and I love listening to loud rock song, love the booming b**** the beautiful singing, harmonizing voices, incredible guitar and keyboard solos. I am alone, there is no other traffic, so I am not bothering anyone with my loud music while driving. I played in many rock bands and love to play the loud music. But he doesn't really like to listen to loud music.

    Beside, he is always talking about the 'The Lord" as if the Lord is always right in everything, so I am a mere mortal and everything I do is wrong, like my house is dirty, well the Lord has something to say about messy house, too much clutter in your life. My friend is always proselytizing, just like the Jehovah's Witnesses. If I disagree with anything, or opine my own opinion, then he says " Well, the LORD says..." (quoting from the Bible) and of course the LORD is always right.

    One day I tell him, "Can't you please not put your feet on the dashboard. It's distracting." He says, " Oh, I'm sorry, but it's more comfortable for me to ride like this. If i sit normally, my knee gets stiff." So I feel like I am wrong.

    Anyway, after a couple of months, he got someone else to volunteer a van, give him a ride, and now they have the van that goes to the VA hospital every day, that takes veterans.

    He gave a bunch of "bubble wrap" and other packing material and boxes, that I can use in my Ebay business for shipping boxes to customers, so I felt obligated to him. Then he says, "Can I park my truck there for a couple of weeks, till I fix it?"

    He parked the old pickup truck there for a couple months (half a year now), and couldn't figure out what was wrong with it. Then one day, he moved it over to my neighbor's yard, and he called me and said, "Hey I moved it out of your yard!" My neighbor asked me "Why is this truck in my yard?" I asked my friend to talk to my neighbor, so my friend talks to my neighbor, and the neighbor says it's okay, although I tell my neighbor, "Just call a tow-truck!"

    (Because once I had a tenant who refused to move his truck after he was evicted - he owed my $6000 in back rent - so finally I called the tow-truck).

    My neighbor says he knows what is wrong with it, it is probably easy to repair, but the truck just sits there.

    Now my friend calls me and he says, "Hey, thanks for helping me out. I don't have enough room here at my house" - he lives in mobile home park, and there is only enough space for two vehicles, but he has various in-laws and daughters, and wife, and everyone has a car or truck). I hang up telephone, thinking, "Why is he calling me? Just to say thank you again?" So I go outside, and there is new junk, black car, sitting in my driveway! My friend can't fix them or move them probably because of coronavirus, of course, anything wrong, just blame it on the coronavirus.

    Now my neighbor and I both have junk car and junk truck on the property. We both want to sell our houses, so we don't want unattractive scrap iron to be seen by potential buyers.
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