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Thread: Who has the best police?

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    Who has the best police?

    A competition was held to determine the country with the best police force in the world
    The finalists were U.S., China and Russia, and each were represented by a five-man team.

    On the day of the competition, the three teams gathered outside Tongass National Forest in Alaska, alongside a few thousand cheering fans. U.N. Secretary General António Guterres opened the envelope containing the challenge and read it aloud: "Go in the forest and find a rabbit. The first team to return with a rabbit wins."

    Everyone knew it was a tough challenge, because rabbits are very rare in the region. Nevertheless, the three teams rushed into the forest.

    The American detectives quickly called up NASA, and asked them to use their satellites to find a rabbit in the 16.7 million acres park. After a few minutes, NASA sent the coordinates of the nearest rabbit enclave and the Americans quickly retrieved the rabbit in barely an hour. Guterres announced them as the winner.

    Jubilation all around, and Trump went on a tweeting spree after he heard the result.
    The Chinese People's Armed Police Force, meanwhile, contacted the Ministry of State Security, the Chinese spy agency, and the latter hacked into the phones and emails of the American cops. After obtaining the coordinates from NASA, they too went for the same rabbit enclave and returned with a rabbit in two hours. Upon hearing the result, President Xi Jinping organized a military parade in Beijing to commemorate their second-placed finish.

    Since the winners were known, everyone wanted to go home then, but they had to wait for the Russian team, which still hadn't returned. Just before they were about to break for lunch, they suddenly heard loud noises from the forest. After a few minutes, they could see a polar bear running towards them yelling, "Yes, Yes, I'm a rabbit," even as five Russian politsiyas continue beating the polar bear with a rubber hose.
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    Just caught bandit interviewed by reporter.
    - How you were detained?
    - Brilliantly...
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