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Thread: ready for an icy - dip - this weekend?

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    ready for an icy - dip - this weekend?

    -cold - and - icy - for sure it will be not. lets hope the ice will hold in the lagoons, parks and ponds where the park service prepared places to take a dipю Police,МЧС , heated tents and hot tea will be in palce. But a word of warning. Had you never done this before, or even better, done winter swimming on a regular basis, you better consult with your doctor beforehand.
    but should be lots of fun, shashlik, bubbly, beer and of course Vodka, I see it every year in the evening and still in the early morning, when walking the dog...
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    Correct, Ben. As Soviet/Russian paratroopers say, when the water is above zero Celsius, it's already warm.

    And regarding doctor - also correct. Unfortunately, there is no health cartridges in warehouse to swap...
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