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Thread: dual citizenship without any pre conditions still by the end of February?

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    dual citizenship without any pre conditions still by the end of February?

    sounds to good to be true. but hopefully it will not...
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    I found a few more articles about this. It seems that the bill's passage has not been that easy, even if it does seem to be progressing quite quickly.

    For example, in this article from last October, it doesn't look so good, yet in this article it is much more positive, even though it does mention that
    The primary target is people from what Moscow considers “fraternal states,” such as Belarus, Ukraine, and other former Soviet republics – many of which are mired in poverty. Russia, facing its own demographic issues, sees them as a convenient source of the migrant labor it needs to maintain economic growth. Many residents of these countries may have considered moving to Russia but were put off by the idea of losing the option to eventually return home, especially if they have property or family there. Of course, the new rules would presumably apply beyond the “near abroad” opening up fresh sources of migrants.
    I certainly hope the comment about "presumably" becomes reality.

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    The Moscow Times prints what they are allowed by the Russian government. Thus, I think this news is basically true.

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