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That is as it may be, but the Impeachment will not alter that fact and it will not succeed in the Sentate as we all know....................
You know that, and I know that, but some on the Left are still in an alternate reality - they are still obsessed about Bush winning in 2000, over Al Gore (the inventor of the amazing internet ). They think they were cheated in 2000, and they were cheated again in 2016. They're out of their minds. I tried to explain this earlier - the Left does not hear the other side of any political arguments, but the Right does hear both sides. I listen to the talk show, but it's interrupted every half-hour by the media (always Leftist) blaring their agenda-driven "news." But the Left never listens to anything from the Right, so, it's to be expected, that after years of listening to only one side, they would be so full of anger. They believe what the hear on the news. It's gospel to them.

Trump had an obligation to ask Kiev to investigate corruption. How would it look if Trump knew about Biden's son and the $billion Biden threatened to withhold unless the Kiev official investigating corruption involving Biden's son in Ukraine was fired? How would that look? The media would then say that Trump was suborning or condoning corruption (in Ukraine), or interfering in Ukrainian affairs. As far as that goes, that may explain why there is so much reluctance by anyone in Washington to investigate the Ukrainian corruption connected to America - that officials of both American political parties were going into Ukraine after Maidan and getting into "the Action" - becoming a part of the corruption themselves.

Ukraine seems to have that kind of effect on anyone doing business there.