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Thread: Knowledge of English in Moscow is essential...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheInterocitor View Post
    The US/NATO still has 40,000 troops in Germany to "protect" it from Russian invasion.
    the USA-NATO will never pull out, not because the Germans need protections. But Ramstein ( 15 200 US personell there) for instance is the really only big airbase where they can fly to the Middle East, all the -Arab- states but also around ex Yugoslavia..
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    Benedikt sorry but you are off on this one and Armoured is right; though you win points for being far more polite in this debate.

    Making fun of the excessive abbreviations isn't an anti-Russian thing; didn't a ton of Russian writers make fun of the Soviet burescracy's superfluous and unnecessarily long acronyms and official titles? I'm pretty sure Gogol even did some ribbing about this in his novel Nos', right??

    Defending the abbreviations when even Russian writers were poking fun at them decades ago is pretty pointless, Benedikt.

    My only remaining question is where the heck did this practice come from?? Was it really as simple as a bunch of dumb sharecroppers taking over the country (the Revolution), and then they thought they could sound competent and respectable by giving themselves excessively long titles!?
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    where the heck did this practice come from
    НКВД I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Russian Lad View Post
    НКВД I think.
    No. It's the rotten burp of WWI.
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    Abbreviations in 1949 film

    When Captain Henri Rochard (Cary Grant) is looking for “O.I.C., A.M.G., W.A.C.”, some signs on the hallway confuse him. They are all initials, for which Rochard seems to interpret the meanings as:

    WAIRCO – War Administration Industrial Relations Coordinator’s Office.
    SSDPPDD – Service of Supply Displaced Persons Property Disposal Department.

    Not having understandable signage can lead to confusion even in the more obvious spots.

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    The Federal University Commission of Kitchens.
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