Who the hell needs immigrants from Mexico, that Mexico does not want - we get the poor, the uneducated, the stupid, the criminals, the mentally unhinged and the unemployable - from Mexico. Mexico, in the past decades, has unloaded its entire undercla-s-s, as Castro also shipped all his criminals and insane-asylum inmates during the Mariel "boatlift", to the US, and done nothing to clean up its drug cartels. The drug cartels RUN the country.


Now the cartels are murdering innocent religious missionaries. Lyndon Larouche dubbed the cartels "narco-terrorists" but he was discredited, de-legitimized and imprisoned by the Deep State. But the media has adopted his apt descriptive - "narco-terrorists".

Russia does the Mormons (the guys who wear black and walk around or ride bicycles in pairs, proselytizing), no favor by banning them, either.