Tram sleepers made of plastic will appear at the metro "Shchukinskaya" and Strogino "
Plastic tram sleepers are planned to be laid on several road sections of the North-Western District of Moscow. They are made from bottles, containers and other waste, and their service life is almost 50 years.

According to the chief engineer of Mosgortrans Pavel Khmelev, supports for rails made of composite materials are much stronger than wooden ones, in addition, they do not need to be impregnated with tar tar to prevent decay.

- New sleepers will be laid mainly in areas with turns. In particular - near the "Shchukinskaya" and "Strogino" on Novoshchukinskaya and Zhivopisnaya streets, as well as on the Stroginsky highway. Also, such sleepers will appear in the Eastern District near the metro station Preobrazhenskaya Square, on the Ismailovsky Highway, Semenovskaya Square. In total this year in Moscow it is planned to lay about 18 thousand composite sleepers, ”Khmelev said.

He also added that now the tram tracks are being equipped with special vibration-proof mats during repairs. Thanks to their use, vibration during the movement of the tram is reduced by 30% and its course becomes quieter. This is especially true on those routes that pass near the facades of residential buildings.
(translated from my knock and drop newspaper