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Thread: - Experts - warn of wine importers exodus. could not happen at a better time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Wally View Post
    Yes I think it's very true. What I'm seeing is that people are moving out of Moscow or moving to Moscow region from other cities. The amount of new construction amazes me. Not far from me are many new town houses going up. Along the train track I travel, new buildings and homes, even new train stations. They are also repairing all the stations along the route. There are many young people who have moved to our town, from where I'm not sure but their wife stays home and dad goes to work. Middle class if you ask me. Russia is a huge country, there are many places people don't need to live, it was only because of the USSR people were moved there. Now Russia is developing the east coast and western European part of Russia along with Southern Russia. The best places to live.

    Where I live we too don't have beef but that's because people don't buy it not because it's not available.
    Gov subsidies.

    If you have two children, you get, I forget here, 500k rub check, that can only be spent in certain ways. Real estate is the main way that people unlock this money.

    Either thru buying new, or by buying from a relative and then "sharing" this gov check.

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    many years back when i was working in Lipetsk as Chef, we had Australian cattle farmers who wanted to open a real big cattle farm for MEAT animals, no milk,meat only. at that time anyone who opened a farm that would produce MILK got state subsidies. for the land, for the buildings, for machinery, because there was aa big milk shortage, which by the way there is STILL ( about 10 million tons..) On top of it, these farmers wanted to pen a - marble meat - farm.Not Wagyu or the likes, just marble meat. No sausage cows for Ostankino or Mikoyan... And they were told bluntly by the then Oblast head honcho, no subsidies for a meat farm, not one Kopek, the orders where from Moscow.Only subsidies for Milk farms. so, the Aussies went home again...( i am sure there were - other - reasons also responsible for it, but that is what we were talking about when the farmers found out at the bar who i was and where i came from...). a few years later MIRATORG opened a big store in Lipetsk, they had marble beef there, local grown and produces. and LAMB from Tatarstan, on par with the best of Australian or NZ import. The -cheaper parts- of that marble meat were sold on two counters at the Lipetsk local central Market. No tenderloin or other -choice parts - unfortunately, these made it vac pack straight to the store. and were gone an hour after opening time. DEMAND was there, the price was not to bad. But government policy was STILL subsidies for milk farms only. that changed a few years later though. the story here is 5 years old, there is still an (ex) Brit who has a huge milk farm and makes super cheese. and the third of these huge farms, a Swiss did it...again, these stories are - dated - a lot has changed for sure since then.
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