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Thread: buying - products - and - produce - from that granny around the corner...

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    buying - products - and - produce - from that granny around the corner...

    Should you buy – products – from that sweet granny around the corner?I rather would not...

    (i copied this and translated it into english language from the site of ROSKONTROL on facebook)

    A product manufactured and packaged at home can be dangerous for several reasons at once. Violation of the formulation of the production of products, especially for compound products of animal and vegetable origin. The causative agents of intestinal infections multiply quite quickly in dairy, meat and fish products, ”the ministry said.
    Rospotrebnadzor also adds that manufacturers of home products, as a rule, do not have special education and knowledge for the manufacture of quality and safe products. The process of preparing products at home is different from what is installed at the factory. As a result, foreign objects and ingredients can enter the food that provoke infection by the causative agents of dysentery, salmonellosis or botulism.
    Caution, canned food "from the grandmother!"
    Roskontrol previously wrote that trust in grandmothers is based on the fact that the older generation will not deceive. However, it happens that a sweet granny is only a seller, and the products themselves are made in unsanitary conditions by scammers .
    One of the key problems is also that in case of poisoning by food bought on the street, there is no one to complain.
    Unfortunately, there are not many prospects to protect their rights. The most appropriate solution here would be to file a civil lawsuit for harm to health. In this case, the court will need to prove that the specific purchase from a particular seller became the cause of the poisoning. However, this option does not fall under the law "On Protection of Consumer Rights", because the seller in this case is not a legal entity and not an individual entrepreneur. In addition, it will be problematic to prove the fact of the purchase.
    There is no greater treasure then pleasure....

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