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Thread: Expatriant - Guide to Russia and Getting a Job Abroad

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    Expatriant - Guide to Russia and Getting a Job Abroad

    Hello everyone, I have been a long-time reader of the forum, and have lived 5 years in Russia. Over the years, many people have come to me with questions about Russia specifically, but also about finding a job abroad. I decided to start a website where people can go to get ideas and practical advice on networking to find a job abroad. That being said, we have also created a country guide section with information about life and work in various countries (initially just Russia and Ukraine have been published) and where/how to search for a job.

    I would love any constructive feedback any of you may have about the guide to Russia and the site in general. It would mean a lot. If anyone would like to cooperate and write on the site, or you would like me to write a guest post for your site, let me know.

    Enjoy and I hope you find something useful in the guide!
    Russia Country Guide

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