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Thread: 12.8 Billion $$$ for the new aircraft carrier. And Trump hates it...

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    12.8 Billion $$$ for the new aircraft carrier. And Trump hates it...
    of course he does not like it, costs so much, his admin has to pay, or at least the taxpayer who is suppose to elect home once more, and does not even carry his name...
    on top of it, this price tag does not include 4.7 billions of research and development. and another 780 millions during the 4 year trials... and by the time it will be - ready- for the seas, it might be out dated and in need of a refit for a couple pf billions...
    and that is what people see. they do not know who started the project, or when. many of them were most probably not even born yet. they only see the price tag. and depending how friendly or unfriendly a media is towards the administration, the end sum will be presented in a positive or highly negative way... (do we need it, how many school we could build.. OR the USA needed it to stay the mightiest nation on earth..)

    did the SOCHI price tag also get together like that? first the basics for the media and masses. and then all the add ons...
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    I think that the US could buy one for at least a 1/3 of the price from China, or indeed from the RF!
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