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Thread: got hassled leaving RU

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    got hassled leaving RU

    (I have the 3-year tourist visa for Americans.) So I left going to the Baltics, and for whatever reason, the officer was hassling me. They usually don't hassle me. I think that what had happened is that my immigration card said entry SPB in FEB, but his computer only showed me as registered (via Moi Dokumenty to an apartment, not the standard hotel way, which evidently is not supposed to work anymore, but whatever) in SPB since APR. (I had gone to another city for a few months, a city that is listed on a destination on my visa application, right after entering in SPB, and at a hotel that I was properly registered at; I know this because I had to prove my registration for the time there to get registered at Moi Dokumenty.) Anyway, he asked for pictures from this city, and surprised, I said I didn't have any on me. (I've just downloaded some photos of me visiting the city so it's on my pad if I get hassled coming back in the next day.) He also asked why I was leaving, and I said that I had to leave because the 6-months is almost up.

    I guess he's new and hasn't seen many folks doing the visa run? Or perhaps word has come down from on high to be more suspicious? Perhaps it's suspicious to exit a registration prematurely? I had thought that the registration just expires once the alien leaves. I can't know the exact day I'd be doing the visa run.

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