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Thread: Use VODKA for that - fresh - feeling on sweaty clothes?

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    Use VODKA for that - fresh - feeling on sweaty clothes?
    while the whole article is in German language, i have copied and translated the most - valid - part.

    Vodka for the -fresh- feeling
    Some acrobats even need two to three different costumes at each performance. And not only these performers get really sweaty on stage, even for the singers are individual scenes true force acts. In order to freshen the costumes for the next performance, the costume designers have their Tricks: "we spray the costumes with vodka, because he draws sweat and smells from the clothes. We even like to use this old household medicine in costume design, especially because vodka is odorless," says Lenka Radecky.

    "We use the vodka diluted to pure, depending on the intensity in which we need it," she grins. "The sprayed vodka keeps us fresh or at least the costumes! If there is additionally the opportunity to hang the clothes in the sun, then we have double happiness: then it's almost as if the costumes from the Laundry would come back.

    fair enough, one also has to admit, THERE they do not use it on a cheapo t shirt or shorts. But on theater costumes that need often 100s of hours to make.. but if YOU have a Hugo Boss suit or that nice gown or evening robe, might be worth a try?
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