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Thread: Questions about visa application form.

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    Questions about visa application form.

    I am completing my application form for my visa, but I want to ask a couple questions to make sure everything is alright.

    1 - It asks about all the countries I have visited in the last 10 years. There have been a lot... I am able to put all the countries themselves, and the years, but I don't know the exact dates for most of them. Some of them I am even unsure about the month. Will this be a problem?

    They allow the month as "unknown", but need a day. I have just put 00 in this spot.

    2 - On the Miscellaneous page, they ask about my current employment. I will be applying 1 day after my work visa expires, so I will be 1 day removed from employment. I assume my answer should be that I have no job?

    3 - On the same page, they ask if I have any relatives in Russia. My wife is Russian, and we live together. Does she count as a relative?

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    Call someone who knows about visa issuance. I always suggest Liga Consulting.

    What kind of visa are you applying for?

    This would be my guess, if you are applying for a tourist or business visa and not residency:

    For travel, use the dates shown on the stamps in your passport. Put down as many travel dates as the form allows.

    For your employment, show your most recent one. The migration officials won't check your place of employment.

    Your wife is your relative.

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