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Thread: i will be making my own hand and body lotion but need a -konservant-

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    i will be making my own hand and body lotion but need a -konservant-

    i have -bio- cocos- from Thailand
    bio olive oil from Greece
    Vaseline i can get from the chemist or from Auchan
    these are the only ingredients i want to use. no honey, no stearin, no beeswax or anything else...
    i do not want anything that makes it smell...
    but i need something to make it keep, out of the refrigerator.
    Internet has plenty recipes all with fancy names and ingredients.

    what can i use, besides, citric acid, that i can buy at the local chemist NOT in gallon size and if possible nothing to much -chemical-.?36.6 was very helpful indeed, but had no idea what to give me..
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    Sodium/potassium benzoate , potassium sorbate
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    but coconut oil doesnt go bad when stored outside of the fridge? and it has a neat built in thermometer. i forget exactly, but when its say, below 70f its hard, and when its warmer than 71f, its a liquid.

    in anycase, i have a bottle of coconut oil i carry with me and use for hands and face, after the shower.

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