does it matter when they had no auto pilot? i always thought landing and - starting- is done without it? or was there much more of the system knocked out ?
they came in to fast, system advised them to go through and to start over once more.
the pilot landed anyway. sat down to hard and to fast. does one listen to the computers or use your own judgement and decide what to do? or does it depend on the training? - when i doubt use your brain and training and not the computer-?
other -experts- also had said, had the fire brigade put down a - carpet- of foam, the plane could have not caught fire and ALL the crew and passengers could have been saved.
Nothing about THAT aspect in the - conclusions-.( the pilot apparently had said it will be a -normal- touch down, and landing, so the fire brigade was not called. only when the plane was burning. so say other - experts-).
to me this - finding - is a lot of poppy cock...and - everyone - trying to blame it on something else...