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Thread: how to install on an iMac the @ sign on German language keyboard set up

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    how to install on an iMac the @ sign on German language keyboard set up

    i have on my iMac 3 languages installed, English, German and Russian languages... i use a keyboard that has english and russian letters... to use german langauge, or russian i have to change the -flags-... but the German langauge installed has no @ sign. so i always have to change to english or russian langauge. any way to install, for typing German, that pesky @?
    Google or Yuhuu is not very helpfull about it.
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    Go to system preferences, keyboard. Check the box with the option that says 'show keyboard and emoji viewers in menu bar.'

    Now, when you click the flags, you'll have an option to show the keyboard viewer, which is a floaty thing that should help you find the symbol you need. (The symbols change as you press the shift, control and option keys)

    There's also some way to change the key assignments for some things or assign a special key, but I don't remember how to do that and I'm not sure it works with multiple languages, you'd have to search on internet.

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    When you select the German (or indeed Austrian) keyboard layout on an iMac, the @ character is accessed by typing the option key followed by the letter L key.
    The keyboard layout can be seen from the language choice menu (the flag...) and selecting "Show Keyboard Viewer" by the way: then you can see what combinations of keys result in.
    As Armoured also noted, it is possible to remap or customise the keyboard, for example so that you could use one of the unused "F" function keys as the @ instead. The only problem that I have found with doing that is remembering which one you modified. Doh!

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