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Thread: In-Country Minimum Residency Requirements for TRP & PRP

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    In-Country Minimum Residency Requirements for TRP & PRP


    How long are you required to live in Russia, minimum, to maintain your TRP or PRP?

    I thought I'd heard it's minimum cumulative 6 months out of the year, but that seems a bit much and in the recent thread about the new TRP process for spouses of Russian citizens, it sounded like the requirement is actually minimum one day in country every six months?

    Can any one confirm which is correct? And if you've got a link to (or the name of) the relevant law, that would be awesome, too.

    Thanks in advance!!
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    This is a matter of some debate. I've been advised by the Migration Officials and a couple of Russian lawyers that someone with a TRP or PRP needs to be in the country six months out of every year. In my own case, I was in country 183 days per year when I had the TRP because I lived here anyway, and I wanted to maintain my tax status as a resident. I've heard this rule wasn't very strictly enforced, though and it was possible to come in for a day every six months without residency being cancelled. I realize is hearsay, though, and not very helpful.

    There has, however, some changes. The PRP is about to become permanent. Once you get it, you keep it as long as you maintain residency in Russia. As before, a yearly report will need to be made to the migration officials showing your income and number of days you are in Russia per the stamps in your passport. This permanent PRP will be introduced in the fall of this year.

    I have heard that with the permanent PRP, a requirement to be in the country six months out of every year will be enforced. This is referenced in the media but I have not been able to find the new law, though. Looked for it, couldn't track it down. Maybe you can?

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