Hi guys I`m to your help if you need any assistance related to your four-legged feline friend.

Being an experienced member of the moscow animal rescue team, I could offer you a cat-sitting service, assistance at a vet (including recomendations concerning the choice among moscow clinics or docotors, based on experince of our team, language support, medical product shopping).
I can take your cat to a vet clinic in case it is nessesary, provide some help with a choice of pet food.
And finally, if anyone wants to adopt a cat or a dog, I can help you to choose among a wide range of options: purebred animal or mestizo, young or adult, handicapped or healthy. Donations to moscow animal shelters are also always very welcome, guys, I could guide you in order to do charity, if you are willing to help.

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Best regards, your catsitter