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Thread: ROSKONTROL,once more milk. and at least some good news.

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    ROSKONTROL,once more milk. and at least some good news.

    2 are on the black list. and fro m the - ingredients - of one, it seems that kind of -milk- has never seen a cow...
    the good news, all the others, while it could be higher notes, the fat content is not given correct in all of them, NO MILK POWDER WAS USED IN ANY OF THESE PRODUCTS. and no milk fat was replaced with something else.of course they can not check all the brands at once. suppose for that one needs 10 laboratories. seeing the meter long shelves of milk at any supermarket...and the nearly 100 variations of a product. does on really know the difference between 0.1% fat content or 0.2%?
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    BTW my dear said the tvorog of Selo Zelenoe, this trade mark
    - is the best. So Izhevsk produces now at least 2 prouds - AK(-47, M, -74 etc.) and the milk/dairy
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