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Thread: scum, stealing carnations from WW2 memorial

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    scum, stealing carnations from WW2 memorial

    while for sure i do not begrudge the flowers for the war heroes, may be the schools and teachers will think it over. on top of it, the kids just lay the flowers onto the tiles around the memorial. it was the next day only that the park service (?) put them in the water. and the next day some of them were already stolen. and for sure not taken home but sold at the nearest Metro. maybe the schoolchildren and the teachers will just make a big banner and everyone will just sign it. and with the money - saved - they could invite the veterans to a restaurant, maybe buy them some food, pay for medicines or even new clothes or shoes. because THIS is the last thing the veterans have money for. ( on FB there is a video around from TBILISI were grown ups and children take away the flowers from the memorial. just to sell them to unsuspecting victims. it was only some veterans who were chasing the scoundrels away. no police around... they for sure were busy otherwise and somewhere else...)
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