OK, today (Monday, 22nd) my landlord & I attempted to get me registered in his apartment. It seemed to me to be a clusterf@ck, as it was obviously his first time registering someone, and as well me filling out the registration form (that usually a hotel or "registration service" has done for me). I had something wrong on my side of the registration form (i.e., that the clerk pointed out), and I think my landlord also had some mistakes. Enough of that; we will try again on Tuesday ...

One of the things that went wrong was me not having the prior registration slip; it was accidentally left on my kitchen table in the blur of doing these forms and me getting the internet. Of course, one would think that this should be in the system already, but I digress.

So, so far I have had this as my staying/registration status:

[1] first hotel starting on day I entered Russia (13th) - a 3-day and then a 2-day registration

[2] 2-night train (18th - 20th)

[3] another hotel, for a 30-day and then 20-day registration, ending on Monday (15th)

[4] 2-night train (15th - 17th)

[5] hotel for 3-day (17th - 20th), that did not inform me that they would not do registration until I asked for the registration slip on my last night (I had presumed that the law said all hotels have to do this; FWIW, I have the hotel registration slip, ironically, for that stay.)

[6] apartment, starting on Saturday (20th). I think my landlord thought that the office was only open on weekdays; we first went to a pair of Soviet-era offices, and then were pointed to the gleaming new Moi Dokument office. It reminded me of a busy day at the Office of Motor Vehicles back in my USA residence states.

I have the original slips for [3] (WHEW!). I can show the printout of my train ticket [4].

So on to my questions. I know I was registered for [1], as it is a hotel I stay at a lot, and I know they go by the book. I think what had happened is that I gave the original slip to the other hotel [3], and I just didn't get it back.

[A] Does it only matter to have the latest registration? If that is the case, then [B] is irrelevant for my current situation.

[B] So what does someone do if he loses this original slip? Surely, this is in the system somehow, and for a fee, a copy could be made.

[C] I had heard somewhere that - if the paperwork is all in order - that only the landlord needs to go to the office (although, obviously it was a good idea for me to tag along this time); is that accurate?

Of course, I would welcome any other feedback about this whole affair.