a book that one has to read. thats why it took me so long.Written by Mr. Arthur M.Schlesinger Jr. it describes the 3 years JFK was President of the USA. A book one really should read. ( if one wants my copy you can have it for a coffee at mcCafe. i will bring it there).

But what shocked me really was one of the last sentences in the book.
- though Dallas schoolchildren applauded the news-. And in Beijing the rad Daily Worker ru na savage cartoon, JFK lying in a pool of blood - Kennedy biting the dust-. Suppose these were the times.
Nikita Khrushchev was the first in the Soviet Union to sign the condolence book. And state TV showed the funeral,including the church service.

Wonder what the world would look like today had he lived and won the second re election?

By the way the book does not speculate - who has done it, or why, or what was the reason to do it-. And it does not go any further into the events that happened afterwards the next few weeks.