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Thread: problem with inheritance

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    problem with inheritance

    Hi everyone,

    Currently I'm having a hard time with an inheritance issue.

    My aunt has passed away some time ago in France. As she had no husband
    and no children, according to French law, her sister and each of her nephews
    (including me), and nieces have to make a decision about accepting or waiving
    their inheritance. Since this inheritance consists of debts, I've sent a form
    stating that I disclaim it. So far so good.

    Now since I have a minor child, according to the same law, I have to fill out
    a form on his behalf so that he won't receive this inheritance.
    The problem is that I must ask for the approval of a minors' guardianship
    court. If we resided in France, getting this approval would be a piece of
    cake. But the fact is that we reside in Moscow. I made a call to such a court
    in France and told them I'm ready to do anything they require from me during my
    next trip. Unfortunately a woman told me that they can't do anything for me, and
    I have either to get the approval of a similar agency in Russia, the so-called
    "орган опеки", or to get an official statement proving that this administrative
    procedure cannot be done in Russia.

    Then I went to an office of the guardianship authority in Moscow. There
    flabbergasted civil servants told me that they've never dealt with a case such
    as mine and they don't know what to do. I also contacted some Russian lawyers
    who specialize in inheritance law and international affairs. They told me they
    are clueless about my case.
    I also contacted the French embassy to no avail. I was summarily told that they
    cannot do anything for me and don't know anything.

    Does anybody know how I could handle this issue? Can the Russian guardianship
    authority issue an approval?

    Time is running out. In a couple of months, a creditor can, and surely will,
    ask French authorities to send me a demand letter.

    Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

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    you might want to write to her for help. for sure fat andy will find her website much quicker then i can?
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    if the debts are larger than the headache they will cause, just buy a plane ticket and fly to france to clear this matter up. tickets are fairly cheap at around 2-300 euro roundtrip + a few days. plus when you get back, maybe it will already be a real spring here and not this yuck we have now.

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