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Thread: why SALT had a -sell by date-.... but cooking ( baking) soda not

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    why SALT had a -sell by date-.... but cooking ( baking) soda not

    salt obvious is thousands if not ten thousand or millions of years old. so why should there be a -sell by- date on the containers or packets.
    as far as i have seen, sell by date is only on the salt that has additives added to make it flow nicely. might that be -kiselgur-, silica, or rice flour or cornstarch, or what ever they add for that easy flow.and moisture does creep into even the most tightly closed containers. and then one has a lump of salt. and will complain. therefore the -sell by - date....

    Cooking- baking Soda, the red and white carton packs has also no -sell by- date. though the sentence that it should be kept at appropriate storage.
    the ubiquitous cccp - poverskays salt- in the white and grey cardboard cartons have no sell by sate.
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    Thanked: 3073 - Siberian salt mine - salt produced there, w/o additives, 8 rub/kg pack, in Perekrestok
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