Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had some recent experience in setting up a LLC (ООО) company in Russia and then employing oneself under the terms of the HQS visa scheme.

A bit of background.
I'm planning to move to Russia with my fiancee who is from a CIS country. As she is not a Russian national I understand I would not qualify for the TRP when we get married.
I currently work as a consultant programmer remotely in Europe and earn enough to get a HQS in Russia
I have considered finding work with a local Russian company, however given the lower local market pay rates I wanted to explore other options first.

Reading through the forums here (circa 2013) and Russian rules and regulations on a host of other sites, I've found what I think is correct.

A non resident foreigner can legally setup a LLC here in Russia, but if they are not resident they will also need the help of a Russian citizen.
The LLC can use the simplified tax regime.
Once the LLC is setup, it can legally also employ a foreigner on the HQS scheme, who can also be shareholder of the LLC.
The company could contract with European companies providing them consultancy work.

The pros of the above approach seem to be relative ease of regulation, and processing of the visa,
on the other hand the setup costs, and accounting could prove expensive / difficult.

Is anyone on the forum used the above approach?
Is there anything flaws in my reading and research?
Can you recommend trusted companies in St Petersburg who can help with the setup/advice?
Any ballpark figures on setup and running costs, basically is it worth the effort or would it be much simpler to work for a local company?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts, and apologies if this is not the right place for these questions.
Of course I will seek professional advice before doing anything.