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Thread: Receiving wages from a foreign job

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    Receiving wages from a foreign job

    If I work for a foreign company (with no base in Russia), what's the best way to legally have the money paid to me and also pay my taxes in Russia?

    a) Work as an employee and have the money paid to my Russian personal account? In this case do I need any kind of documentation to show currency control where the money is coming from?
    b) Work as self employed (IP), have a Russia friendly contract written up and go though the hassle of doing invoices and acts etc every month.
    c) Something else?

    Also which is the most tax efficient approach?

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    This isn't going to answer all of your questions, since I am not here as a worker, but in terms of transferring money to Russia, I have been doing that for the past 3 years or so and have never had any problems s far.
    Initially the money was required to purchase a house, so there was quite a large sum transferred. Following that I made several transfers to pay for repairs and improvements. Now that I am living in Russia, I make regular transfers to live on.
    I have a bank account in Luxembourg where I used to work and where my salary used to be paid and where my pension is now paid (I am now retired) and a bank account in Russia with Sberbank. As much out of courtesy as anything else since Sberbank never asked, I did tell them where the money came from (so much for anti money laundering checks ) and I also informed my bank in Luxembourg what was going on.
    I have never been asked to fill in any forms (neither on the sending side nor on the receiving side) regarding currency control. Note that most amounts I transfer are under €10000 but two transfers have been for more (but less than €50000).

    Re: taxes, I haven't been here long enough to worry about that. That will be for later this year or next.

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